1 more day to go…

So, one more day to go, and I’m actually looking forward to the election being over. Of course, it won’t really be over. It’s not over until all the votes are counted, even those pesky absentee ballots used by the truly committed voter.

If only the nation would go to the Vote-by-Mail system used here in Oregon. We have record turnouts, minimal voter fraud, and less expensive elections. Plus, once you turn in your ballot, the calls from various political parties and special interests just stop cold.

What a relief.

Anyway, it rained a thousand pineapples today, making a mess out of the roads and causing all sorts of havoc. But for all the whining I’ve heard from my fellow Oregonians, I believe they’re all secretly happy to have the rain back. After our unseasonably long dry spell, it’s nice to get back to the wet stuff.

Here I am, writing in my new blog about the weather- how much more boring can you get than that?

So my grandmother calls me at work today- yeah, I know, no boundaries- to announce that she had a “little accident” in a parking lot. She complained about the “smart-aleck” witness who wouldn’t let her walk away from the scene. Seems it’s going to cost her insurance about $900 to get the other guy’s paint job spruced up, and they’re surely be raising her rates as soon as you can say “82 year old women shouldn’t be driving in the first place”.

She swears she “didn’t even feel it”, and if that smart-aleck hadn’t parked that giant truck of his they way he did, she would have been able to fit in that parking space just fine! HMPH!

Other than that, my day at work was fairly decent for a change. With the exception of waking up with a really yucky nauseous stomach. Thankfully, the other denizens of my household seem to be getting over their collective crap. Maybe I’ll go to bed early so I can be ready for a long night tomorrow night watching the returns come in. If my DH didn’t have school stuff to do, and wasn’t getting over his cold, I’d be encouraging him to join me for a little natural Nytol action… Ah, for the days with no more school obligations.


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