Office of POTUS

In making his announcement of Rumsfeld’s resignation/firing, Bush said plenty of things that upset the press and the public. The primary focus was on how Bush admitted lying to the press in the prior week about Rummy’s accomplishments, and how solid his position is on Bush’s team.

One thing keeps getting missed, and I don’t hear this discussed in other forums. The President said he served as the “head of the party”. That reason was what prompted him to lie to the press.

Am I wrong in expecting the office of the President to be about more than party politics and maneuvering? Should the office of the President continue to exist solely for the purpose of furthering the goals of his/her party, rather than what is in the best interest of the country or the world?

The office of the President exists to serve ALL of America, not just the current 31% who approve of him at this time. Why is the President allowed to govern to serve the needs of so few? How can we get the office of POTUS to provide real leadership to our country, rather than the divisiveness and influence peddling we see today? There is no real leadership coming from POTUS right now, nor has there been since 2000 when he was elected to serve the Republicans. POTUS should be serving us all.


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