Second Interview

Back from the Director’s interview today.  He started off talking about my potential new manager, how she came up through the ranks, understands the business from a number of angles, how he specifically recruited her and how she’s a great manager in his eyes.  We talked about my background, experience, and he interspersed with questions about my relationships at work.  Can I provide consult neutrally?  Am I anti-union? He said he’d likely be retiring in a couple of years, and seemed to indicate it was likely New Manager would be promoted to his position.  The big concern seemed to be that I was from the outside.  The previous incumbent quit because she couldn’t handle the workload, and apparently she was from outside.  He also questioned the number of jobs I had in previous years- 3 in the last seven years- but my answers seemed to satisfy him.  He asked if I would stay 5-10-15 years, and I said I hoped to.  Of course.

At the end, he finally said his recommendation to my New Manager was that he had no reservations about hiring me, and that she should continue along the path of bringing me into the company.  He said this about three times, each stronger than the last.  I wonder if he was convincing himself, or if he was figuring out his wording in telling her of his decision.  He’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness thinker, rather process driven, probably would have made a good engineer.

So now I have an 8AM appointment with my current director to discuss some things that have cropped up in our workplace that are damaging relationships and trust.  As much as I like the groups I work with, the team I actually work on makes me a little crazy.  I’ve talked with other members of my team about things that have happened, and they also feel the strain.  These issues aren’t why I’m leaving, but it sure makes it easier to go.  I’m going to talk with the Director about this new opportunity, since it seems pretty likely an offer is coming soon.  Plus, I don’t think if I were to decline the offer, my current Director would want to come after me.  Others have agreed with this strategy, and I’m really more concerned about him finding out about this before I have a chance to tell him myself.

The New Manager is on travel status until 3/12, so I might not hear from her until then- a week of waiting.  I hope it’s sooner- I hate being so unsettled.  Let’s cross our fingers…


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