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New job, old job

Well, it’s hard to know where to start.  A lot has changed since my last post.

I got the job at the new place and started on 4.2.07.  Seems it was just in the nick of time, because my Director at the old job was fired in mid-March under questionable circumstances that are not clear to anyone.  Luckily, he’s got himself a great attorney and has plans in the works for other work already.  It’s nice to see folks land on their feet after something terrible happens.

Since that time at the old place, lots of political maneuvering has been going on.  I was offered the new job on the Monday after my prior Director was let go, so none of the nastiness was endured by me personally.  However, I still have some great friends there, and it’s terrible to see them having to deal with all the aftermath.  It’s been a month, and things haven’t settled down yet.  In fact, there are rumors of more firings to come, we just don’t know who it will be yet.

The new place is BIG and BUSY.  The commute isn’t any better- I’m just sitting in traffic for the same amount of time I was flying down the highway before.  The people on my team are a pretty OK group- no one seems out to get anyone as far as I can tell yet.  There’s a Cynic, a Low-Change-Tolerance, a Mellow-but-Sharp, a Blusterer, an Old Guy and an Innocent.  After two weeks, they invite me to lunch, are starting to openly cuss on occasion, and are telling me things bit by bit.  I take that as a good sign I’m being accepted.  I’m sure they’re analyzing me as much as I’m analyzing them.

The first weeks on a new job are harrowing.  I’ve met so many new people, I can’t remember everyone’s names.  Faces are starting to look familiar in the elevator, and I’ve finally learned how to log onto the computer without needing to look up my info.

On my last day at my old job, they threw me a really great party, and lots of people came to have cake and say goodbye.  They are really great people, and I miss them an awful lot.  This weekend, I went to a party where some folks came, and it was great to see everyone again.  I’m hoping to be better about staying in touch with people and having people over for dinner and stuff.  I don’t think the new group does a lot of that social gathering, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I had a small guest column published on a local D blog, and I was really excited.  It didn’t get any comments, so I guess folks didn’t think the info was as riveting as the blog owner and I did, but what they hey- I got posted on my first try!  Hopefully, more to come like that…