NaBloPoMo 2007

Since I’ve done such a lousy job keeping up this blog- six months since the last entry!- let’s see if the challenge of NaBloPoMo gets me in the habit. I’ve got to blog at least once a day for the full 30 days of November. That’s it- no other special requirements. Thank god, because I’ve entertained the NaNoWriMo challenge, but writing that much every day would be tough while maintaining the rest of my life.

I’ll just spend the next 30 days blogging about whatever strikes my fancy.  Politics, food, people’s speaking habits, the weather,  my family, whatever.  Let’s see if anyone actually reads it and takes notice!  Maybe I’ll even manage to have more than one post a day…oooh, exciting!

I can see I’ll have to correct my frequent! use! of the exclamation point!  It’s annoying already…


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