Day 3- Homecoming Edition

Today is Homecoming at my oldest daughter’s high school. I drove her an hour and a half down to her grandma’s hair salon to get her hair all dolled up for the big event. Grandma was also helping one of her longtime co-workers get ready for her wedding set for this afternoon, and there was a major snafu- the auctioneer they’d hired to marry them backed out at the last minute. Yes, you read that right- they hired an auctioneer because the groom didn’t want a long ceremony, and the bride has a great sense of humor. There were many frantic calls made to find a replacement auctioneer, which they did eventually, and I can’t wait to hear how it all comes out.

Anyway, back to Homecoming.  Oldest is going with her boyfriend, but they are going in a big group of about 20 kids, most of which don’t have dates at all.  That was not even considered an option when I was in school 20 years ago- you were a real loser, a third wheel, if you tagged along without a date.  These kids don’t even care- anyone is welcome, boy, girl, gay, straight, senior or sophomore.  They just have to enjoy each other’s company.  It great to see kids break down some of those barriers that seemed so high when I was a kid.  They’re more accepting of each other now than I think we were back then.

Our furnace died sometime in the last week. I kept telling my dear spouse that the house felt like an icebox, surely the heat was working, right? He’d check it out- or pretend to- and pronounce everything in shipshape order. Until this morning anyway, when the house was as cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra, and you could see your breath downstairs. He finally called the gas company, who came out and said it wasn’t the gas line clogged (like last year’s debacle with the fireplace), and we’d have to have the furnace folks come out. Every year, the furnace folks have to come out for some problem with the damn thing, yet they keep telling us we don’t need a new furnace. This year, it cost us $165 to get it fixed (at least we didn’t have to pay the $200 Sunday premium), and I don’t have a lot of faith that it will last. The furnace is 10 years old, and I’d think it should last for another 10 years, but this thing needs a new part annually or it just isn’t happy.

My laugh of the day is this link I got from DailyKos to this blog of a guy who discovered a 1977 JCPennys catalog in his grandfather-in-law’s attic last week. The photos are so awesome, you’ve got to check it out.

I got my copy of Mac OSX Leopard today- I’ll be installing it shortly, so let’s hope I can get back online later to blog about how cool it is… someone actually called me a Mac Snob yesterday!  Well, I can’t be the only one, considering Apple’s marketshare is growing faster than Windows these days.


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