Day 3.5: Homecoming Aftermath & Leopard

Ok, so this could really be Day 4, but I’m making it 3.5 due to Daylight Savings Time.  We just got back from picking up Oldest at the Homecoming dance, along with Date, and delivering them to the post-dance soiree/sleepover (girls only!).  On the way, I asked how dinner was- pity the restaurant who serves a table of 20 teenagers.  Oldest states she ate a salad for dinner.  Salad? I ask.  Did it have meat in it?  No, mom, she says, clearly sounding annoyed.  Date says, I don’t know why it would have meat in it since she’s a vegetarian.  Vegetarian?  I ask incredulously.   Is this a new thing? I ask.  NO, mom, it’s not, she replies.  I know she’s not telling someone the truth here, because I personally watched her eat a roast beef sandwich for lunch TODAY, and have watched her eat the following dinners for the last week: hamburgers, chicken tortilla soup, beef tostadas, tri-tip steaks, and a daily roast beef sandwich for lunch every single day.  Now, you tell me, what kind of vegetarian is that?

I’ll ask her about it when she comes home tomorrow- I’m sure it will annoy the hell out of her, but I want to know who she’s trying to impress here.

Anyway, the migration to Leopard was not without some bumps in the road.  Got the thing started, had to step away from the computer for a while during the “checking DVD for consistency” phase (Consistency in a DVD?  Do they turn to mush at some point that I’m not aware of?).  When I came back to it, the damn thing was stuck on the login screen and would not move- just kept cycling back to login.  Of course, by this time Applecare is closed, and a call to my closest local Apple Store was not fruitful.  I called the other Apple Store (which I hate going to, but that’s another story for another day), and they seemed to be familiar with the problem, and said if I could bring the system in by 8:30 they could take a look at it.

We unhook the damn thing and my wonderful husband drives it down there.  He gets them to fix the primary problem, and comes home with a list of instructions to fix the rest, since we’re really not interested in waiting until Monday for someone there to do it.  He brings the damn thing home, hooks it back up, performs the magic CPR they’ve instructed, and voila!  Here I am, new OS installed.  Finally.

I’ll tell you, my old Mac never gave me the kind of trouble this one has so far, and I’ve only had it 10 days.  Of course, it’s still fewer problems than my old Windows systems gave me, and it’s managed to not lose a single thing so far.   I’m still sticking with Mac for the long haul.

Anyway, got to go reset all the clocks now… what a pain in the ass.


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