Day 4: Getting Ready for Monday

Busy week this week- lots to do for work, Opening Night for Oldest’s play at the high school, real estate lady coming tomorrow to see if she can sell our house.  We’ve lived here for 8 years- the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my life.  I know some people never move- they live in the same house for 50 years.  My family moved as a means of cleaning house.

We really like where we live too- great neighbors, great neighborhood, comfortable home, private yet with easy access.  Trouble is, my mom is at the point where she can’t keep working due to health reasons, has no retirement to speak of, and can’t collect social security for another 3 years or so.  I’m looking at another home in town that’s been up for sale for some time now that would be big enough for all of us.  I never thought I’d seriously consider having my mother live with us, but I don’t know a better solution right now.  The house we want is perfect in many ways- Mom would have her own space so she wouldn’t have to feel compelled to be in the middle of us all the time.  She really values her privacy, so this is a big change for her to consider.

The new place has been on the market for over a year, the price has been dropped considerably, and I keep wondering if there’s going to be another shoe that drops on this place.  Of course, I also think I’m insane for considering moving into a new place that will add another grand onto our housing costs every month (at least), at the same time we’re trying to get this new business off the ground.  I just almost wish we could freeze that house for a year, and move into it then when things are more settled.

The light at the end of this week’s tunnel is a trip to the coast!  We’re going out there to a rented house for a couple of days with our business partner and her kids.  Oldest will be staying behind with friends, while Youngest will come with us.  I’m hoping to get a few minutes at the Coach outlet… I haven’t had a new bag from them in 3 years, and I’d like to say I’m due!  Of course, everyone will think I’m being a spendthrift, but the last time we were there, both of the girls got new bags and I got zippo, nada, zilch.  We’re going to do some “strategic business planning” over those few days also- not really sure what that will look like, but I’m sure we’ll talk about it this week.

I’ve got to get on top of the clutter on my desk and get organized.  I have to start up the accounting systems tomorrow, and I’m really not looking forward to it.  It’s like taking medicine, and I’ve procrastinated too long already.  I just want it all to go well, and I don’t want to make any irreversable mistakes.

We watch SNL tonight with Brian Williams hosting.  I was totally amazed that he was as good as he was.  He always struck me as such a stuffed shirt, but he was the best guest host I’ve seen on SNL in ages.  Good for you Brian!  Keep up the good work!  I’ll bet Katie Couric’s team will be begging SNL for a chance for her too, but it will never happen.  Talk about brittle.

Let’s get out there and have a good week, right team?  Right!


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