Day 5: Feels like Wednesday

I got the Quickbooks stuff done today that I was really worried about- the file transfers on that thing don’t always go well, and I was petrified this one was going to go south on me.  Luckily, it didn’t.  Now I just have to sort through the maze the prior contractors made and hope I can figure it out.

The real estate lady came today, and thinks she can list our place pretty close to what we were hoping for.  The big dilemma now is whether to list it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or wait until January.  I’m thinking January would be better… I’m really dreading moving.  We have way too much stuff.  WAY TOO MUCH.

Had a great conversation with my dad.  He’s my stepdad, really, but since he’s been part of my life since I was 7 years old, and more of a dad than my real dad ever attempted to be, he’s the official father figure.  He and my mom have been divorced for a few years now- more her choice than his- and we don’t get to talk that often.  He had medical issues now and then, and he doesn’t tell me about them until they’re over with.  This means he’s had minor surgery twice in the last four years without any assistance from any family members at all.  He says he doesn’t want to bother people, and he doesn’t want anyone to fuss over him.  I think he just doesn’t want me to see him like that, in such a vulnerable place.  It would likely be hard for both of us.  So he “toughs it out” as he puts it.  I’d still like to see him more often.  We’re all getting older, and time is passing by faster every day.

I have to get up early for a meeting at 9AM in Salem.  I hate getting up early.  It’s the pits.  I’ve hated it all my life- makes me nauseous.  Throws off my schedule- I want to eat at the wrong times, sleep at the wrong times.  At least now it’s like once a week I have to do this instead of every damn day, fighting the traffic and making nice with co-workers at such ungodly hours.  Yuck.  the only thing that helps is the autumn daylight savings time switch makes me feel more human.  Conversely, the springtime one makes me want to scream.

We had dinner at Chili’s tonight.  It’s really going downhill- there was barely anyone there, and the food was only so-so.  Barely worth going out for.  We should have opted for Pastini or PF Changs.  I don’t have enough independent places out here to not be reliant on chain restaurants, so back off.

Tomorrow… early to rise, afternoon nap?


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