Day 6: Still feels like Wednesday

Up and at ’em early this morning- managed not to be late for our meeting in S-town. Went to the O Pancake House after- yum! Then came home, since my grandparents were no where to be found. Tried to take a nap, but the damn phone wouldn’t quit ringing. First it’s the Democrats asking for money, then it’s my husband on the first of about 400 calls he makes on the way home. Then my grandmother. 76 agonizing minutes on the phone with her. Detailed descriptions of everything that happened that day, topped off by questioning my parenting skills and whether I’m demonstrating a “good example” to my kids. I asked her about Thanksgiving plans, and all she had to say was, “You just do whatever you want, and don’t worry about me.” In code that means, “If I’m not the centerpiece of the entire weekend, I’ll cry, whine and yell at you for the next year, plus I’ll make the rest of the holidays even more impossible than usual.”

My kids say I should just bag it, and do what I want, like we did last year. Only last year, she was actually in AZ with other family, so there were no repercussions. This time, if I have the same group here and make her stay home, then I become the bad guy as usual.

I really don’t want her in my house. It’s been three years since she was here, and she’s literally cried, begging to come to my house. Then, the only thing she’ll do when she gets here is criticize everything she sees. She’s coming anyway, since I agreed to bring her up here to see Oldest’s school play on 11/16. That will be cake and coffee after the show, and then enduring the 45 minute drive home, during which I hope she falls asleep.

No getting up early tomorrow- yay! I’ll work on the books more tomorrow, maybe try some sample stuff in Filemaker. See how it works. It’s so nice to be working from home again. I feel so -I was going to say “blessed”, but that’s so overused and Christian sounding- let’s say grateful. This is working much better for me. Thank you Universe.


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