Day 8: Thursday 11.5.07

I know, I know, I skipped yesterday.  I have a good reason, and I can even get a note from my dad if you need one.

I spent much of the day cleaning off my desk (again), and attending to the multitude of small things one finds on one’s desk after cleaning it.  Like scheduling appointments for the optometrist so you can throw out those reminder postcards, paying bills that were buried under the mess, signing things, mailing and faxing things, just generally taking care of business.

Then came Monopoly.  I got a free full download of Monopoly Here & Now for my Mac, and couldn’t not play a game to see how it was… and it was fun!  Now I want the Scrabble game from the same company… then I’ll never get any work done!

Slept a little later than usual this morning, took a shower and started some laundry- finally!  Got to the desk about 11am, after all that.  I’ve got articles to edit and email, and some bookkeeping to do yet.  I’m supposed to be in Salem tomorrow at 10AM, which means I won’t likely be home before 2-3PM.  I’ve just got to get this stuff done, and quit procrastinating about the bookkeeping.  I need to learn to not be afraid of this stuff.  Maybe it’s all the bad experiences I had in math as a kid that makes me believe I’ll never do this stuff right.  Or that if I screw something up, it will be a fatal mistake and I’ll lose our contract.  I just have to go slow and steady, no rushing.

I’ll try to post again tonight to make up for missing yesterday…


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  1. ewok1993 on

    hi, enjoy reading your blog. i blogrolled you to my blog, hope that’s fine.

  2. mamabigdog503 on

    Sure, thanks for stopping by. Seems you’re my only reader so far. How do I find your blog?

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