Once again, after a return from the coast I am longing to buy a home there.  Or at least part of a home there.  Or somewhere that’s not here, someplace vacation-y that is within reasonable driving distance.  I get into these moods every time we go, trying to see if we could squeeze the budget to allow us to have that elusive vacation home.  Usually, it’s hard enough to just get a week of vacation once a year, with a long weekend shoehorned in there someplace.

I just get tired of paying to rent a house for a week, or a few days- even though it’s a lot more practical than staying in a hotel- every time we hit the road.   I want a place of our own.  Easier said than done.

There’s a lot of ways to do just this thing, but the family budget and other needs must come first- like paying off all our credit card debt.  Now that is a worthy goal, and will be something worth celebrating.  I expect we’ll be able to accomplish this by the end of next summer if we’re careful.  Maybe then the real estate market will have fully tanked up here allowing us to get in on a great deal somewhere.

A friend of mine once told me never to pray for patience, because you don’t want to see the lesson God will cook up for you to learn it well.   Makes sense… I’ll just have to bide my time, and see what comes along.  If its meant to happen, the right opportunity will present itself.  You just have to be ready.

And I’m always ready.


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