Glad I Don’t Live In Utah Edition

If you haven’t seen this bit of cop-deployed torture yet, you might be glad you don’t live in Utah:

Regarding this story, this is now on the front page of the Utah Highway Patrol’s website.  Apparently, they’re full up with the public comments about this cop’s act of torture upon a US citizen:

“Thank you for your concern regarding the use of a taser by a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper in the Uintah Basin. The Department of Public Safety appreciates your comments, concerns and most of all your patience.  Right now we are taking all appropriate measures to investigate and review the circumstances.  We can assure you that we are doing everything possible to look into this incident in a fair and impartial manner.  A proper investigation takes time and we would ask for your patience.  The purpose of this process is to determine if the Trooper acted appropriately.

The deployment of any taser by our Troopers is a serious matter.  Every Trooper who works for the Highway Patrol and carries a taser is required to complete a certification course on the use of this non-lethal weapon.  We continually train our officers on use of force issues and more specifically the use of a taser.  We appreciate the public awareness on this issue and are committed to answering the questions and concerns of the public we are dedicated to protecting.”

The local newspaper, the Uintah Basin Standard, states today that this act occurred on September 14, 2007- a full 10 weeks ago.  Naturally, the Highway Patrol hasn’t been able to get the investigation completed, most likely because it was never started in the first place.  Only now that the video has caused a national stir will it be “looked into”.

One should note in the video that not only was Mr. Massey tasered, he was physically injured and bleeding from the impact of his head hitting the highway after being tasered.  The cop, John Gardner, also threaten’s Massey’s 7-months pregnant wife with arrest if she didn’t simmer down and get back in the car.

What a horrendous experience for these folks at the hands of this caveman.  I understand cops deal with all kinds of dangers all the time, but just because you’re the hammer doesn’t mean everything you encounter is a nail.

I’d hate to be that cop’s wife or one of his kids.  Can you imagine the hell they must pay when they “disobey” his orders?

Not to mention that the cop is a total liar, which the tape proves as well.  When his buddy cop shows up, Gardner tells him he “warned” Massey he was about to be tasered.  Anyone who sees the tape knows Gardner did no such thing.

The State of Utah should pull Gardner’s badge permanently, and decertify him from any law enforcement positions.  This was an act of gross misconduct and abuse of power.


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