11.25.07 Thanksgiving 2007

Since we didn’t get to have Thanksgiving on Thursday due to the Wicked Witch, we had our own family dinner tonight.  My mom and dad came (he’s really my stepdad, but more of a father than I’ve ever had, so I call him my Dad, or Pop in person).  My friend and business partner came with her two kids, and we had a great meal.

We did two small turkeys- one fried in a deep fryer (husband’s specialty) and one butterflied and roasted in the oven.  This method allows a 13 lb. bird to cook in about 100 minutes, evenly and with moist white meat.   I did what is now my signature stuffing, made with half challah and half cornbread and sausage.   Mom brought candied yams (with marshmallows!) and my friend brought a squash dish, cranberry sauce and elderberry wine she made herself from a tree in my front yard.  Who knew?  She’s a real forager- hunts for mushrooms and everything.  I could never do the stuff she does half as well.

A great meal had by all, and then the seven year old nearly beat me at chess- OK, we tied- which is still a bad showing for me.  I should buy him a chess set for his birthday.  That kid’s too smart for his own good.

It was a casual time, with a formal table, just the way I like it.  No hassle, no judgement, just good food and lots of laughs.

To more holidays like this one!


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