12.10.07 Where have I been? Wish I knew…

Two whole weeks without a post.  Not a peep.  Guess I’m not cut out for this blogging business after all.  Not that things haven’t happened over the last two weeks don’t interest me.   Huckabee taking the GOP lead, and getting nailed with  the early-release rapist/murderer story combined with his statements about people with AIDS needing to be isolated from society.  Like lepers.  Wow, that’s some compassionate conservatism if you ask me.

Then there’s Obama and Oprah doing the Big O Show in Iowa and SC.  Now I saw Oprah in person at an event in Seattle a few years ago, and she was very energizing to listen to.  She can make you believe for a short few moments that you can fly.  It looks like the crowds in IA and SC were flying the O-skies this weekend.  Obama will see a jump in those states, just not sure if it’s enough to push the polls all the way in his direction.  Some folks don’t like Oprah, feel she’s a rich lady who chooses to help those in South Africa rather than her own country.  I say the reason she does that is because of the privacy factor.  If she wants to be personally involved, it’s hard to do that in America with everyone trying to make a buck off photos and stories of how you’re “failing”.  Of course, she’s always maintained well more than an arm’s reach to the public when it comes to her need to “do-good”.  We see it as done only for her show, but how are we to know what she does with her money anonymously?

Despite the O-factor, I don’t know that Obama will pick up enough steam to really push past Hillary and Edwards.  Edwards has the best caucus machine in IA, and I’m rooting for him to win it.  Even with all of Oprah’s help, Obama hasn’t changed his speeches, hasn’t changed things up.  It’s the same old thing.  Is Obama a one-trick pony?  Will he come alive?

Politics aside, we’ve been doing holiday stuff all week, candles, decorations, watching our favorite holiday movies.  Without contact from my grandmother, this will be a very different holiday season for us.  Less pressure, anxiety, more casual and hopefully more enjoyable.  Much to my dismay, a couple of moments of old-style holiday scrooginess crept up on me today and I’m not proud of it.  I keep thinking that she’s casting evil spells over me, planning my demise, wanting me to be as perpetually unhappy as she is.  Of course, I realize this is all in my own head and she can’t do a single thing to impact my life if I don’t allow her to.  I just can’t get my head to shut up.

A good friend of mine said I was doing the right thing by setting limits for acceptable behavior, which shows that I finally recognize the value of my own happiness and that of my family.  That I finally chose to set those limits rather than force all of us to endure the constant misery of this person is really an OK thing to do.  That it will show my kids they have the right to put themselves first rather than someone who is never supportive, always selfish and needs to manufacture drama 24/7.

I hope my friend is right.   In the meantime, I’m enjoying the snow flurries, the holiday lights, and the idea of freedom in planning holiday time with my family.


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