Virus: Bird Flu

Not much is being said about the bird flu these days in the press.  Most of the reporting comes from far off lands in Asia, making Americans think this is not something that can happen here.  Most reports are of bird-to-human transference of the disease, but there have been more reports of human-to-human transference that are cropping up, and no one appears to be taking much notice.

“The World Health Organization reports at least 209 people have died worldwide from the virus, most in Indonesia. Scientists fear the H5N1 or another as yet unidentified virus could mutate into a form that could easily spread the disease among humans.”

A report out this week says that once this virus can adapt to adhering to a human protien with both cone and umbrella shaped receptors, the Bird Flu will be off and running amok in human-to-human transmissions.  That’s when things will get really scary.

Of course, the Decider-in-Chief has chosen to slash funding for preparing for such a pandemic.

For those of you who’d like to keep up on the latest goings on in the Bird Flu world, look no further than Flu Wiki.  Links to all the current stories and places to find out who’s prepared and who’s not, check it out.


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