Feng Shui for Real People

I took a class on Feng Shui today, since I was invited by a good friend. Ten women in the class (are there no men interested in this?), one young Caucasian woman with a handout explaining the basic principles of Feng Shui. I’ve got a couple of books on the subject, and really see this as a formula for good interior design and landscaping. There’s a lot about promoting good energy (chi), and preventing bad chi. The 3 new things I learned are:

1. It’s OK to position your bed under a window, as long as the window is covered with window treatments. I always thought that you couldn’t do this because your positive chi and good dreams would fly out the window.

2. Keep your toilet lids shut at all times when not in use (obviously!). This prevents the good chi in the house from draining out. Keep the doors to your bathrooms closed at night as well for the same reason.

3. Multiples of 9 are good. I always thought the lucky number was 8 in asian culture.

Good design is always appreciated by people, even when they don’t realize it’s the design elements making them comfortable in the space. We hope to put these concepts to work in our new office space.


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