My Oldest Friend Visits

My friend Sharon, who I’ve been best buds with since I was 15 years old, came to visit today.  This is not a small thing- she had a baby last year, and lives in another state, so I hadn’t gotten to see her or the baby at all, except a few precious photos.

She and her mom flew in today with the baby.  I met up with them tonight after work at their hotel for dinner.  I couldn’t wait to see them.  When I walked into the room and saw Sharon’s son, I was awestruck.  He looks just like her.  Then, when she came out from the bedroom, I just hugged her and cried.  It was like going home again, to see people who have known you for so long and see how wonderfully their lives have changed.

Sharon and I have seen each other through so much in our lives.  It’s hard to look back at the last 25 (!) years and realize it’s been this long already.  We still call each other “Duuuude” when we answer the phone.  We still clink our forks together when sharing a meal.  We still remember the good/bad old days, and know how lucky we both are, and are genuinely happy for each other.  Neither of us attended the high school reunion last summer, but we really didn’t have a need to.

We visited in the room for a bit, marvelling at her son’s precociousness and charm.  He’s really a great kid for being only 14 months old.  If he rips a paper to shreds, she’ll ask him to clean it up and he actually collects all the bits and deposits them in the wastepaper basket.  I’ve never seen a child of this age follow directions like this before, much less to clean up a mess they made themselves.  I have two myself, now teens, so I am well aware of what havoc a toddler can wreak on a household.

The best part was getting to see Sharon as a mom.  When she was pregnant, she had so much anxiety about the baby, and being a mom for the first time with very little experience with little kids or babies.  Tonight dispelled all doubt.  She’s just an amazing mom.  She loves this child with every ounce of her being, it simply radiates from her like sunshine. I think she even amazes herself.

I was blown away.  I still am.

What a wonderful dinner we had with them, reminiscing, laughing at the baby’s antics, just enjoying the night.  Tomorrow a driving tour of local attractions, then dinner at home with the family.  I can’t wait!


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