Mitch McConnell (R-KY) fires Navy Vet mom for protest participation

Heather Ryan, former member of the US Navy and mother of two, was fired from her job today as the Executive Director of the Maiden Alley Cinema.  McConnell encountered Ryan and her 12-year old daughter Heaven as members of a small protest held during a stop by McConnell and his crew in Paducah, KY.

McConnell was so enraged by Ryan and her pink-haired daughter asking questions about his support for the Iraq war, he immediately pulled tens of millions of federal dollars from programs to benefit Paducah.  But that wasn’t enough.  McConnell went after Ryan personally, tying the federal money to having Ryan terminated from her job. Ryan was fired today by the theater’s Board of Directors, who were apparently cowed into submission by the Paducah City Council and McConnellCo.

Ryan is the sole earner for her family of four, earning a scant $25K a year while supporting her husband through law school. She is now out of a job, thanks to Mitch McConnell’s small-minded need to maintain his fiefdom.  McConnell showed the typical immaturity and viciousness of the frat boys he supports in this absurd, hurtful stunt.  May this be the real beginning of the end for McConnell.

Like I always say, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.  McConnell should be ashamed of himself.  As should the city fathers of Paducah, KY and the Board of Directors of the Maiden Alley Theater.  Tell them all what stupidity they have brought upon themselves for punishing an act of exercising pure American civil rights- the right to free speech, in protest to those in power.


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  1. Mary Kate Beck on

    Over the last few years we, as Americans have taken a few slaps in the face. Some woke us up and some just plain hurt us. When I read soemthing like this I’m reminded that all is not well in Washington. When you have someone that abuses his power, to this kind of extent it only makes me mad and want to know WHY??? Who put this man in Office? Who decided that he was the right man for the Job? When was the last time he was Poor? It certainly was no problem for him to snap his fingers and have people dance to his tune because they are too afraid that they might miss out on the almighty dollar if they didn’t comply. Now thats a shame, I don’t know how they can sleep at night for what they did. Out forefathers would not only be ashamed but that man would have been ran out of town on a rail, but not today, today he is powerful and can have anyone, anytime fired at will. Our forefathers would have never bent to the will of one over zealious man to begin with. Where has all the honesty went? Wheres the ethics? Why do we sit on our asses and let men like this run over us like we are nothing. Well I’ll tell you something I hope this woman doesn’t get mad I hope she gets. This isn’t a ditch Mitch issue this is the man needs a reality check. The world doesn’t revolve around him, it revovles around us all…. and he is the one that needs to draw uneployment.

  2. YellerDawg on

    Watch the Youtube video of this event. This is the same incident where McConnell’s tribe said Heather and Heaven were banging on the windows, pounding on the SUV, screaming, “I want you to die” at the Senator, etc. As you will see, none of that is true! This should NOT have gotten Ryan fired!!

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