Heather Ryan/ McConnell story on WPSD TV

Here’s the video of the story on local Paducah, KY news:

Odd, how McConnell’s people had “no involvement” in Heather’s termination.  Where have we heard that before?  Could it have been the Frost family of Baltimore during the SCHIP fiasco last fall?


4 comments so far

  1. vet on

    here the link to the audio of the meeting when she was fired lot of reply over on ditchmitchky.com

  2. Richard Hertz on

    Heather is damn idiot. She needs to back to Iowa to peddle her socialist bullshit.

  3. mamabigdog503 on

    Nice to see Eddie’s goons have found my blog…

    Richard, you’re welcome to take your right-winger ranting elsewhere to someone who cares.

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