From the horse’s mouth- Heather Ryan and Heaven tell their story, and more

Over at, they have posted video taken by Hillbilly from of Heather Ryan and her 12-year old daughter Heaven, 4-month old daughter Ireland, and her husband Chris (also a Navy Vet).

Here’s the video- decide for yourself.  Are these people really so scary that McConnell had to ruin their livelihood?

The best part now: Heather, being freed up from her job by McConnell, has decided that she will run for US House Representative office in Kentucky’s first district if Greg Pruitt, Hickman County Judge Executive, doesn’t run first against Ed Whitfield (R-KY-01) by the January 29th filing date.  Heather needs $500 for the filing fee by next Tuesday, and likely more for the campaign.

If any readers out there can tell us how to gather such donations online, we can support another Netroots candidate in KY-01.

Don’t forget, the GOP smear is still going against Heather and her daughter.  Even local TV blogs are getting into the act- it’s a regular mini-Faux News down there!

Run, Heather, run!


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  1. vet on

    Mitch is complaining about the lefty blogs in Ky. guess what Mitch why don’t you go back home to Alabama.

    this diary is Andrew’s wife
    Twice inspired by Elizabeth Edwards
    Stephanie Horne,

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