Heather Ryan runs for US Rep KY-01; Whitfield clueless

You’ll recall my earlier diaries (story also carried at Bluegrassroots) of the Navy Vet mom who KY Senator Mitch McConnell had fired from her job on MLK day because she and her 12-year old daughter dared to ask McConnell a question about the Iraq War during a campaign fund raising stop in Paducah, KY…

That woman is Heather Ryan, our newest Netroots candidate, running for US Representative of KY-01.  Heather announced her candidacy today, and will need all the help she can get to make it happen.

Here’s Heather’s announcement:

Who is she up against?

Heather’s competition is Ed Whitfield, who has apparently missed so many votes during his time in office, the Kentucky GOP has not only forgotten how to spell his name, but they have also not provided a link to Whitfield’s re-election website.

If you want to help Heather win the KY-01 seat, please head over to Act Blue to show your support.  She’s not registered there yet, but they have a placeholder for the KY-01 democratic contender, and all dollars sent in will get to Heather.

Run, Heather, run!


4 comments so far

  1. vet on

    thanks mamabigdog looks like we can’t get any coverage over at KOS on Heather. Jim Pence started this youtube too only 8 reply
    i wonder if it would do any good to start a email list of supporter

    thanks again

  2. mamabigdog503 on

    We might get picked up at Diary Rescue today at Kos. One of the regular editors looks out for my posts on occasion, and commented last night that they were glad to see us following up on Heather’s story. You guys need to get Heather registered at Act Blue and get her a campaign website up ASAP. How can I help?

  3. vet on

    i can’t remember who but someone has said they were working on one,will let you know soon as i find out.
    i also go by “kilowat”

  4. noibiadit on

    hmm. cognitively.

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