Help Heather Ryan (KY-01) get Exxon Eddie out of office

Heather Ryan  is running for US House in KY-01 against one of the most good-for-nothings Mitch McConnell could dredge up for his puppet show, Exxon Eddie Whitfield.  Eddie has shown up for so few votes during his tenure that there’s little to show for support of the people of Kentucky.  Like when Ed voted NO on SCHIP last fall. In fact, he voted against SCHIP 5 times last year- I think we’re pretty clear Exxon Eddie isn’t a “family values” supporter.

How about when Exxon Eddie voted NO on renewable energy and energy conservation, NO on the Clean Energy Act, but a resounding YES for Dick Cheney’s gift to the oil companies.   And don’t forget Eddie’s vote to allow mining companies to continue the irreversible act of mountaintop removal.  Not really showing the love for the planet, is he?

Ed thinks it’s OK for gay and lesbian Americans to be discriminated against and beat up in hate crimes.  He thinks it’s OK to deny women the right to choose.  Ed votes against the Arts. He votes for Alberto Gonzalez-style hiring at DOJ.  Eddie is anti-stem cell research, anti-science.  Boy, Eddie, hope you don’t wind up with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s someday.

He’s voted consistently since 2002 to send US jobs overseas.   Eddie has supported Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform group 95% of the time he’s been in office.   There’s just so much wrong about what Eddie thinks is right, I just don’t have enough room to describe it.

There is a way to change KY-01.  Support and VOTE for Heather Ryan.  It’s going to be a tough battle- Eddie’s got nearly $1M in the bank from his oil/mining/deforestation cronies.  Heather’s got us.  But there’s a lot of us, and if we can get past the 19+ points Eddie won on in 2006, and focus on the fact that KY-01 is 63.59% Democrat registered, we can help change a place where change has been needed since 1994.

14 years of cronyism is long enough.  Bring the future to Kentucky.  Bring on a new generation of leadership.  Bring on Heather Ryan, Democrat & agent of change.

Donate to Heather’s campaign at Act Blue.


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