I wanted a blowout on March 4

And I didn’t get one.  What I got was Hillary winning 3 out of 4 states.  Hillary celebrating in 6 morning news TV appearances today.  Hillary’s camp gushing about getting the nomination come hell or high water.

What I wanted was a soaring victory speech from Obama.  Decisive victories for Obama in TX and OH.  Withdrawal from the race by Hillary.  Well, I knew I’d never get that last one, but a girl’s gotta dream.

So, yes, I am depressed today.  Angry that the media gave Hillary a pass all last week, allowing tons of free press and pseudo-endorsements from the SNL appearances, the 60 minutes interview, the Canadian NAFTA-gate and the Daily Show appearance- and I’m sure I’m missing others here.  Frustrated that those who support Obama are continually maligned, ridiculed and discounted as cultish, incurious zealots.  Of anyone who has been truly treated unfairly by the press in the last month, it’s Obama’s supporters.  No one is calling out the Hillary supporters in the same way.

I know Obama still leads in the overall delegate count.  I know he still leads in the overall popular vote count. Getting the nomination decided sooner than later would heal the party faster, making the Dems stronger for the real fight ahead this fall.  The GOP wants nothing more than a fractured Dem party with no way to ease the pain.

Hillary constantly refers to her 35 years of experience.  How she’s been to every country in the world, and that makes her the best choice.  The truth?  Her travels took place during her time as first lady.  I can guarantee she did not witness the reality of life in those countries.  She was wined and dined in rarefied settings, spit-polished and all the scary stuff swept under the rug.  She was the audience for adorable children trotted out to perform for her in impeccable costumes,  not the real kids suffering under poverty, no medical care and hunger.

Obama on the other hand has a real understanding of other cultures, because he’s actually lived them.  His time living in Thailand exposed him to poverty and struggle of a developing nation every single day.  That has a true impact on how one views the world.  He lived in Hawaii, which as anyone who has spent time there knows, has a very different and unique culture, totally separate from that of the mainland.  Living in these cultures makes a person look at things differently than someone raised in a sheltered wealthy Midwestern society home, living and working exclusively east of the Mississippi.

If she’s really all about kids, even in this country, why hasn’t Hillary done more to reduce child poverty and hunger here in the US?  Those numbers have only increased during her so-called 35 years of experience.  It’s not like she didn’t have plenty of opportunity to make the effort, even as first lady.  She just decided to work on scheming for her future political career instead.

This race is going to grow more negative each day.  If there is no nominee evident by the Convention, I pray the rumors I’m hearing aren’t true.  I’m hearing about vote-stealing, backroom deals, plans of violent rioting from within the Convention and from outside it’s doors.  I’m hearing that 1968 will look like child’s play, according to the people planning these events with military precision.  How can the Dems possibly recover from such a spectacle and possible tragedy to actually win back the office of the Presidency?

I know things are looking dark today.  I’m just hoping for the light.  Soon.


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