Chelsea Clinton still refusing to talk to the media

In a recent CNN Blog entry, Gary Tuchman talks about trying to cover the campaign appearances of Chelsea Clinton while being barred access to her.  Chelsea has been sent out on the college circuit- 60 so far- to drum up support for her mom.  She talks to college students at these events, allowing them to ask all sorts of questions, and not even knowing if some of those in the audience asking those questions are student journalists.

The treatment of the actual press is very different.  Tuchman states he was completely barred from asking Miss Chelsea any questions.  She refused to give interviews, no exceptions.  And no reason for this is given, except that’s just the way Miss Chelsea wants it.

If Chelsea thinks she can avoid media scrutiny by simply barring them from talking to her, she’s doing herself a great disservice.  She, and her mom, should well know that in the gap created by lack of information, the press and the public will fill that gap with speculation, rumor and innuendo.  In addition, she continues to make herself look as though she’s better than everyone else- the same problem her mom and dad have in spades.

The Clinton family seems to believe they can have their cake- demanding information and explanation from everyone in sight- and eat it too- refuse to provide information or explanation when asked.   Instead, all we get is a lot of finger-pointing (Look! Ken Starr!) or complaining that they’re the victims in this scenario, and you’re the oppressor for even asking them a question.

What is Chelsea so afraid of?  That the big, bad media people will expect her to perform as well as some say she does at these college events?  Folks say she comes off as “articulate, informed, poised”.  Why wouldn’t her folks and the campaign not want to have her talk to the media, put a young face on the campaign in a more forward way.  Are they afraid they couldn’t control her?  That she could disagree with her mom and dad publicly?  We’ve already seen that happen, when Hillary said that young people had no work ethic.

Or are they really afraid she’d say something positive about Obama, and couldn’t be counted on to go for the jugular like mom and dad do.  Talking off the record and off camera as she demands makes Miss Chelsea unaccountable for her statements.  Much the same way as her parents have tried to remain unaccountable for their negative campaigning and history.

Chelsea Clinton serves as the poster child for the Clinton campaign’s unaccountability.   Her refusal to engage should be taken as a sign of the control issues to come with a potential Clinton administration.  If you think the press has struggled in covering BushCo for the last eight years, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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