What the Doctor Ordered

I went to the Doc on Thursday like a good girl- didn’t cancel the appointment.  New nurse, asked me what I weigh rather than just taking me to the scale.  Like she wanted me to admit to that giant number.  I told her how much, and she made a big fuss about getting me on the scale anyway at the end of the visit “just to make sure”.  I was right, of course, about the number.

The doctor was on time (!), respectful (!), and treated me like a human being.  It was likely the most refreshing medical encounter I’d had in some time.  He asked what happened, didn’t interrupt me, didn’t chastise me for eating chili the night prior to the attack, and then agreed going to the ER wouldn’t have helped anything during the attack.  He actually said he was pretty convinced it was the gall bladder since he trusted MY judgment about what was happening with MY body.  He said I was smart, and that I understood medicine, and he didn’t blame my weight or mention it at all.  I’ve never had this happen with a doctor in all the time I’ve been heavy.

He’s having me go in for some kind of upper-GI scope procedure- sort of a knock-you-out-put-a-video-tube-down-your-throat thing- just to make sure there’s not ulcers or some other oddity going on in addition to the gall bladder.  He’d actually wanted me to have this done more than a year ago, but I cancelled since I hate hospitals and stuff like this.  Plus my prior attacks hadn’t been nearly that bad, so I figured I’d take my chances.

I won’t be canceling this time.  Promise.

If all goes well, he’ll be scheduling me for gall bladder removal surgery sometime at the end of April or early May.

Oddly, this is also the week my Oldest found out she was accepted to a summer college program at Brown University in RI for a three-week study for potential doctors-to-be.  She’s wanted to be a doctor since she was really little, and this is supposed to be a hands-on experience that will definitively tell us if med school is what she really wants.  I figure it’s worth the money, especially if she winds up not wanting to pursue medicine.  Better to find out now, than after four years of college geared toward pre-med when you really want to dedicate your life to theater or writing or some other arty thing.

On a meta-note: I’m considering starting a second blog exclusively dedicated to my political leanings, rants and activities.  Having both the personal and the political here on the same blog seems incongruous to me, so if you have any comment on that, please let me know if you agree, disagree, or have any great ideas for political blog names.


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