Introspection? Nah…

Got this from my friend ewok1993- check the blogroll over there>>>>>

I am a year older as of yesterday.  Time is marching on.

I want to get our house sold, get moved in to the new place and get my mom settled

I have a new camera that is so teeny tiny, it surely must belong to Barbie.

I wish I had unlimited time and dollars to help as many people in the world as I could.

I hate people who oppress other people.

I fear too many things, but I put on a brave face most of the time.

I search for belonging and acceptance.

I wonder what my kid’s lives will be like in 20 years- what our lives will be like in 20 years.

I regret not taking more chances when I was young.  There was so much more I should have done.

I love my family, my house, my friends, where I live, what I do (most of the time), and food.

I always need to be sure there is enough toilet paper in the house.

I am not going to run a marathon in my lifetime.

I danced from the time I was 6 years old until my sophomore year in college.  Suffered an injury and never danced again.  I still miss it.

I sing in the car when I remember I can listen to something that isn’t NPR or talk radio.

I cry too often at stupid things and stupid times.  I wish I had better control over that.

I write tentatively, and want to be more sure of myself in my writing.  I want to be OK with making a strong argument or opinion on paper and not worry about it coming back to haunt me.

I won a queen sized bed in 1989 in a department store drawing.  It was a great bed while it lasted.

I am confused about why it is so difficult to hold the Bush Administration accountable for anything, when it is so well documented that they have broken so many laws.

I should get healthy.

Last thought before I go to sleep… I think about what’s going on the next day, and then I often say my childhood prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep”, and bless all the people I love, even the ones who pissed me off that day.  Sometimes it puts me to sleep, and sometimes I can talk to God about what’s making me nuts that day.  And then sometimes I can’t sleep at all and I have to start over again.

There, now was that so bad?


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  1. ewok1993 on

    Enjoyed this one. Yeah, youth is wasted on the young, now we know what that means right 🙂

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