Medical Update

Looks like surgery on May 20 for gallbladder removal, and possible hernia repair.  The hernia is giving me more trouble these days than the gallbladder, so as long as they’re both taken care of, I’m OK.

I’m really not OK about surgery.  It’s a scary proposition and I don’t think anyone looks forward to it.  I’m not a big fan of hospitals, I hate IVs with a totality that is frightening, and I don’t always respond well to the drugs they give you.  Not to mention the food- is there anyone who likes hospital food?  I think not.

I’m supposed to check in at 8:30am, surgery at 10:30am, then they’ll keep me overnight and send me home the next morning.  The scheduler called it a “23-hour admit” which I guess keeps the insurance company from invoking a full admit for more than a full day.

I told my Man he could just take me to the hospital in the morning, and go on to work for the day since there would be nothing for him to do at the hospital.  He seems to think he needs to be there all day, which isn’t really necessary.  He works all of 15 minutes away, and his boss is more than flexible if he needed to leave early.

What is it with people feeling like they have to come see you if you’re in the hospital?  If you’re there these days, it’s likely to be for something serious, and you won’t be up to visitors.  I know I hate people showing up to visit me anyplace if I’m not expecting them.  At the hospital, I won’t look halfway decent for sure, and I hate being seen like that.

So far, my husband is insisting on being there all day, and my business partner wants to come up too.  Add to that my mom, who’ll likely insist on coming up (but maybe not, she hates hospitals even more than me) and then my kids will want to come by that night after school is out.  Hopefully, they’ll all just stay home and send their good wishes instead.  I’m really just going to want to get it over with.

Am I being unreasonable?


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