Mother’s Day 2008

Mother’s Day has not usually been a fun holiday at our house.  In the past, it normally required getting up early on a Sunday, getting dressed up and schlepping a fair distance to pick up relatives we dread spending time with, and then going out for an overpriced, overcooked brunch.  Exchange of sappy cards and some flowery hanging basket destined to die on the front porch came next.  Followed up by uncomfortable discussion of “happy family memories” that don’t exist, arguing ensues, and someone leaves in a huff, while someone else gets to say, “see I told you so” superior.

This year was not like that.

This year, my mom came up to my house at 11AM.  My husband cooked us all an amazing breakfast.  We read the Sunday paper.  We discussed the upcoming primary vote.  Then we settled in for two movies, 27 Dresses and Juno.  During the movies, we made bacon sandwiches with the breakfast leftovers (toast, bacon, cheese), and then chocolate chip waffles, complete with whipped cream.  We would have put strawberries on them, but we got an under-ripe bunch and they tasted more like Styrofoam.

Side Note: We have the best waffle maker in the whole world.  I highly recommend it, and if you haven’t had chocolate chip waffles, you’re missing out.  Just pour your waffle batter into the iron, then sprinkle the chips on top.  Close the iron, flip and bake until done.  Allow it to cool a bit, then spray with whipped cream – the real stuff only!- or dust with powdered sugar.  Heaven!

There was no early wake up call, no dressing up, no overpriced crappy food, no arguing, no misery, and no family we dread.  Just my kids, my husband and my mom.  We still did the sappy cards, and instead of a hanging basket I’m going to pay for a housekeeper for a month at my mom’s place (she’ll get the place cleaned twice in a month), or she can pick one housecleaning and one grooming for her dog.  Her choice.  Much more practical than a plant that will die.

It was great to just be able to enjoy the day without a lot of stress and pressure to “celebrate” Mother’s Day.  Like my mom said while she was here, we don’t need someone to tell us that we love each other on a certain day.  We appreciate each other all the time.

I’m hoping we can make a tradition out of this- breakfast at home, movies, chocolate chip waffles and just enjoying each other’s company.  Much better than the alternative!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for all his hard work today, and to my kids for being such great girls!  And to my mom, to whom I owe so much.  I wouldn’t be me without you.  Without any of you.  Thank you.


2 comments so far

  1. Ewok on

    I am glad you have a good mother’s day with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

    BTW, how are the movies. Netflix says I have a long wait for both movies. No don’t tell me the storyline 🙂

    Have a good week.

  2. mamabigdog503 on

    I really liked 27 Dresses. My kids had raved about Juno, but I didn’t think it lived up to all the hype. It was OK, but I’m glad I saw it on DVD instead of paying at the theater. We also had PS I Love You, but didn’t get to watch it. Maybe next time.

    We don’t really rent DVDs anymore- I usually watch movies On Demand. We tried Netflix for a while, but we were either not using it enough, or were frustrated with waiting for popular movies to be available.

    Hope you had a great trip to Vancouver!

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