CNN condones no politics at the office?

In a story on, Should Your Office Be a Politics-Free Zone?, making talk of politics a no-no at work is advice that comes too little, too late.

There was a time when people didn’t take each other apart over politics.  That ended in the 90’s when the GOP took over Congress and the airwaves with the likes of Limbaugh, Savage and Hannity.  Politics has since become blood sport for many, promoted by the NeoCons, and resisted by the Democrats for so long, they lost 2 elections over it.

Now that the Democrats have found their voice again, here comes CNN to tell us it’s not OK to talk politics at work anymore.  This advice rings hollow now- where were these admonitions when everyone who wasn’t a conservative, religious Bush loyalist was railroaded by those who were?

Where was this admonition when in the run up to the Iraq War, those who objected, raised concerns or outright showed evidence that the facts the administration were touting were flat out lies, those people were publicly shamed- told they were unpatriotic, terrorist-loving, weak-kneed traitors to the cause.  This happened everywhere- workplaces, schools, churches, and on TV and radio for all to see.  There was no protection against those false charges made by NeoCons then from media outlets like CNN.

So here we are, the Democrats have finally found their voice, and the GOP is whining about being on the receiving end.   The difference this time is, Democrats are fighting back with the truth about the failed politics and policies of the GOP.  They’re not just making stuff up like the GOP did, not tearing people’s lives apart simply to advance political strategy.  That was the GOP way.  Just ask Don Siegelman about that one.

The advice in the column is, keep quiet about politics, don’t rock the boat.  You’ll notice that the main thrust of the story is how to appease these sensitive conservatives- Samantha Smith can clearly dish it out, but doesn’t want to take it.  Daniel Drew was effectively told to shut up, even though he was being threatened and disparaged simply for being a Democrat.   Some workplaces are prohibited from promoting any type of politics due to the restrictions of the Hatch Act of 1939.   For the rest, let me remind you that being a member of a political party does not make you a member of a protected class.  You are not entitled to protection from discrimination for political activity unless you are working in the public sector, where most overt political activity is strictly prohibited.  In the private sector, it’s all fair game.

I’d rather we could just all get along, as Rodney King once famously pleaded.   The GOP took away that decorum a long time ago, and now they can’t handle being on the other side of the cattle prod.   Will we ever get back to the Golden Rule- treat others as you would like to be treated?  When it comes to politics, not likely.


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