I’m female, have attitude, bark is worse than my bite. Usually get along better with men than with other women, but let’s not make that a rule. Mom of two teens, married for second time around going on 10 years. (Don’t look so shocked!  Yes, he puts up with me.)  Dogs and cats, allergic to the latter. Moderate democrat, leaning independent, but I get as frustrated with my own party as the others. A student of the human condition- like to observe how and why people do what they do. Live in the Pacific Northwest, and yes the rain is fine with me.  I eat meat, god forbid, and I like it.  Carbs, too- so there.  I can’t fix things, but I shop really well.  I fantasize about running for office, but I know it won’t ever happen because I’d never survive the scrutiny and I’d say things one shouldn’t say in that situation.


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