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Palin as VP? Is McCain trying to lose the election?

Since yesterday’s announcement, I’ve experienced a range of emotions about McCain’s decision to choose AK Governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.  Mostly, those emotions have settled on disbelief, disappointment and disturbed.  Let’s explore our feelings, shall we?

Disbelief- The fact that McCain made this choice after having spoken to Palin once on the phone, and meeting once in person is shocking.  Was there no vetting process in place for the VP pick?  Did the campaign just allow McCain to do whatever he wanted, or did he insist that he would be the only “decider”?  A mayor of a town of less than 9,000 people, who took an opportunity to use her local “support” from oil, gas, and mining compaines for a parlay into the Governor’s office for just 18 months, does not provide one with the experience to serve as the possible next President.

Disappointment- This one surprised me.  I was really geared up for a big fight for the next 60 days, until November.  I know that there will still be one, but I can’t shake the feeling that McCain made this choice partly to innoculate his campaign from more critisism, as he’ll now use the POW defense in addition to co-opting the sexist defense on behalf of Palin.  If McCain wanted to choose a woman, there were so many other choices that would have served the nation far better than Palin- Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Christine Todd Whitman, even Elizabeth Dole.   At least we would have seen the attempt to have a semi-competent woman with one of these choices, but alas, that is not the case.

Does McCain really expect the PUMA’s to come running in a rallying cry around this choice?  Does he not see how Palin’s views, policies and actions totally fly in the face of everything Hillary stands for?  Does McCain actually think the PUMAs will simply vote for a vagina?

Disturbed- Palin is no wallflower, and as a result there’s plenty to be said of her conduct both personally and professionally.  Today, we see nearly all of the major papers in Alaska writing about their collective shock and dismay at this pick, soon to be followed by other national papers tomorrow.  Why all the fuss?  Let’s see what pies Palin has her fingers in:

People are calling this pick “window dressing” for the McCain campaign.  Everyone can see that Palin would have no impact or influence in a McCain administration, and the fact that Palin would allow herself to be used in this way makes me respect her even less.

There are many questions left to be answered about Palin, and I’m betting this is going to get worse before it gets better.  How will the Obama camp respond to further implosion of the GOP?  It’s like watching a train wreck- you don’t want to see the physical damage, especially to the people involved, but you can’t take your eyes off of it.